Integrating Base CRM with Paycove

Connect Base CRM with Paycove to automate your invoicing.


Connecting Base to Paycove

Base is a CRM software geared towards scientifically making your sales team 10x more productive. Automate data capture & analysis with Base to accelerate your sales.

During the Paycove Registration you will be prompted to integrate with Base during the Connect CRM step. We've outlined the steps below to help you finish creating your account.

Creating your Personal Access Token (PAT) in Base

First, add a new access token by clicking the Add Access Token button in the Settings > OAuth page of your Base account.

Setting up and saving your Personal Access Token in Base

Next, give the token a custom description (i.e. "Paycove"). When ready, click the Save button.

Note: Make sure all "Scopes" checkboxes are checked.

Adding your Personal Access Token to Paycove

Once your new Personal Access Token appears (in a blue message box), copy the Personal Access Token from Base and paste it into Paycove's "Personal Access Token" field.

Finish by clicking the Connect with Base button.

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Setting up Base stages

After you've added your Personal Access Token, you can setup which stages to automate with Paycove. This step will enable you to automate your invoicing and update deals to whichever stages you choose.

Enabling your pipelines

First, if you have more than one pipeline, you can toggle on / off each pipeline that you'd like to automate with Paycove. All pipelines are enabled by default.

Note: At least one pipeline must be enabled.

Select a Base pipeline stage to automate your invoicing

Next, select what stage from your pipeline you'd like to send invoices to by using the "Invoice deals in..." dropdown. Paycove will send invoices to any deal that reaches this stage.

Note: All deals in your selected invoicing stage will automatically receive an invoice.

Select a Base pipeline stage to move deals to when paid

By default, when invoices are paid Paycove will update deals to the "Won" stage in Base. You can select another stage by using the "Move deals to" dropdown.

Finish by checking the box and clicking the Next button.

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