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  • Acme Inc.
  • 555-555-5555
  • 123 Main St
    New York, NY, 10002
    United States
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Invoice Details
Date of Invoice: 4.2.2018
Sender: John Miller
Recipient: Kayla Holmes
Custom Field: Custom Data
Amount: $12,950.00
Description Qty Unit Price Discount Price
One-time setup fee
Include an optional description of the product
1 $750.00 0% $5,000.00
Premium onboarding package
Include an optional description of the product
1 $2,500.00 0% $5,000.00
Description Qty Frequency Tax Price
Gold plan
Include an optional description of the product
1 monthly 0% $499.00
  • Payment Terms
  • Full payment amount is due no later than 12/01/21 or else the total will be adjusted to include a late fee of $20.

    If you need a payment extension please reach out to us as soon as possible.
Subtotal: $10,000.00
Custom Tax (1.5%): $150.00
VAT (20%): $2,000.00
Tax (8%): $800.00
Total: $12,950.00(USD)

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