Automated quote and
invoice generation

Streamline the way your team creates and sends quotes
and invoices so you can close more deals, faster.

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Pipedrive Integration
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PipelineDeals Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your existing sales workflow

Quotes and invoices are created when deals reach the "trigger" stage of your pipeline that's setup with Paycove. Paycove quotes and invoices are always synced with deal, contact, product and custom fields data in your CRM.

  •   Eliminates the need to manually create quotes and invoices.
  •   Bi-directional sync with deals, contacts, custom fields and products.
  •   Paycove updates and alerts are added to deals in your CRM.

Generate custom quotes and invoices with custom fields

Eliminate time involved in writing up complicated invoices. With Paycove it takes seconds to create quotes and invoices that include all of the data from your custom CRM fields.

  •   Automatically include custom deal, contact and product data.
  •   Customize where the CRM data displays on quotes and invoices.
  •   Ability to create and manage custom taxes, VAT and fees.

Sync your CRM product library or create products in Paycove

Each product associated with your deal is added as a line item on your Paycove quote or invoice. If your CRM doesn't have products you can easily create them in Paycove.

  •   Include CRM products and Stripe subscriptions as line items.
  •   Include product discounts, unit price, quantity, taxes and more.
  •   Create products and line items directly in Paycove.

Automate the quote to cash process with Paycove

Paycove automates the entire billing process from: Deal ... Quote ... Invoice ... Paid. You can even keep your quote and invoice data synced with your favorite accounting software.

  •   Create, send and track quotes and invoices directly from your CRM.
  •   Quote and invoice activity automatically triggers updates to CRM deals.
  •   Sync your billing data with your back-end accounting software.


Get more business done with these awesome features.

Payment methods

Get paid faster with a simple payment process. Accept all major credit and debit, ACH, SEPA and more from your invoices. Learn more

Subscription billing

Use Paycove to easily create and import Stripe subscriptions as products. Bill weekly, monthly, annually and more.

Products & line items

Paycove imports and syncs with the products in your CRM so you can include them as line items on quotes and invoices.

Downloadable PDF

PDF versions of each quote and invoice are automatically created and attached to the deals in your CRM.

Custom fields

Display custom information on your quotes and invoices by importing the custom fields from your CRM.


Paycove supports 10+ languages, including the ability to choose what language to display on each quote or invoice.

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